What are you celebrating at the end of 2016?

Let’s celebrate!

I must say that 2016 has been a great year for me. It has been a year of reflection and self-discovery, spiced, every day, with a mixture of feelings. I went from excitement to disappointment, so many times, and from anxiety ( because of not knowing where my life was heading) to finding and giving a real purpose to life.  Having to reflect on what I have accomplished in 2016, I  can say that I experienced a year of glory for my heart and soul. In the last 10 months, I gave permission to my heart to speak and I allowed myself to be happy for who I am. Even if it has been difficult, “the battle” took me to such a beautiful place, that I would do it again, and again as many times as necessary. It has been a lovely journey and I know the best is yet to come.

Getting close to the end of 2016, I am ready to celebrate all my known and unknown successes:

  • the success of following a dream
  • the success of being who I am and allowing myself to be who I want to be in the world
  • the success of creating a vision for my future
  • the success of fighting for what I love
  • the success of not giving up
  • the success of respecting my values
  • the success of honouring love in my life, every day
  • and most of all, the success of loving myself each day more

There are so many other successes that I can celebrate and put on my list, but what I want you to know is that you have the power to choose what is going to make you feel successful. It is in your power and it is your choice to decide what you would like to do or what needs to happen so you can be successful. Before 2016, I have never thought I could analyse and look at my life as an achiever or someone that has had any success. Yet, now I sit and I am writing these lines because of my constant wish to find out what defines me as a person and human being. Finding out what I want in life and discovering the true desires of my heart is what helped me understand what success means to me. Everything starts in your mind!

If you want to celebrate success in your life, then start with the hard bit.  Work with yourself! Learn to know you! Start spending quality time with yourself, reflect, ask yourself many questions, find people that can help you, read books, watch movies that inspire you.

The only and best advice I can give is: work with yourself until you get so bored of who you are that you have no choice but change to who you want to be.

Everything starts with a small step. Take your first step now, the best day to start is always today! My wish for you is that you choose to be successful in your way and only for yourself.

For 2017 I am ready to create a new list of successes and I am looking forward to creating a list that includes the joy of helping other people discover their true desires and to find success.

I would love to know, what would you like to add to your list of successes for 2017? Leave me a comment, share with me your thoughts.


I would love to hear from you!

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