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Hi everyone,

I am glad to see you here!

My name is Viviana and True Desire Coaching was created from the desire to share with you some of my vision and my ideas.

I’ve always been passionate about psychology, personal development, and the way our human mind works. Everything I studied in terms of mind and human behavior led me to develop my own beliefs about people and humanity. Today, more than ever, I think people have the power to create their own life as they desire.

Unfortunately, the reality of every day is teaching us to be helpless and shows us that we need to compromise and that dreams are just nonsense. People, family, parents, friends though most often want to provide useful advice, they are sowing in our heads the seeds of success or failure. Thoughts are seeds that will bear fruit sooner or later in our lives. Therefore, it is very important to note what thoughts we choose to grow and develop in our minds.

This is a space where we will offer views, opinions, research, related to the human power of thought and mind. And because everything starts with a thought, True Desire Coaching aims to provide space for the most beautiful thoughts, ideas, and dreams.

My dream is to help people reconnect with their heart, with true desires and aspirations that lie in their heart. To provide support for those seeking clarity, strength, and courage to pursue the fiercest desires.

True Desire Coaching comes to encourage the idea that people have a huge creative potential and the power that lies hidden in every person can be unleashed to get a life crowned with joy and fulfillment. If you think you can be more than what you live today, if in your heart there are dreams and you believe in a world where you can enjoy your unique talents, then this page can help you.

I invite you to follow me, both on my blog and on the Facebook page. If you have questions and concerns or simply want to get in touch with me, at your disposal there is the contact form. Use it with confidence! I will try to respond as soon as possible.

If you want to make major changes in your life, I invite you to take my hand and make the journey together, during coaching sessions.   Get in touch!

I would be happy to be with you on your way to fulfillment and success.

You can read more on my story by clicking here.

I am grateful that you’re here, so thank you!

With love and appreciation, 


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  • Antonella

    Fantastic, you are a true inspiration 😘

    • Viviana

      Thank you, Antonella
      I really appreciate:”>


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