What is Coaching?

What is Coaching? - True Desire Coaching

It’s not easy to talk about coaching because the best way to understand what coaching is, it’s actually by experiencing a coaching session. I will try, though, to express a few ideas about what coaching is.

Coaching is a conversation-based approach taking place between the coach and the client, offering the space for reflection, awareness and self-discovery to the client. It is a collaborative conversation that has the purpose of moving the client from where he is now to where he wants to be. Coaching is used to unblock someone’s potential and support him/her to take the right action needed to make the change happen.

In a coaching relationship, the coach will ask questions and the client will find the right answers for her/him in pursuance of what they want to achieve. The coach’s job is to ask the right questions to help clients arrive at their own conclusions. This is a very powerful way of helping people to change their lives. The coach can provide helpful input or suggestions, but the most powerful answers usually come from the client.

Often there is made a confusion between areas such as counseling, training, mentoring, consulting.
What makes coaching unique is the fact that it is future-focused, collaborative, non-expertise driven and action-oriented. Coaching has a combination of all these unique attributes that none of the other disciplines has.

I believe coaching is an opportunity to explore your thinking and the reality you are experiencing, it is also an opportunity to reflect and find answers that are meaningful and relevant to you. You are the only one that knows what is better and right for you. Coaching offers time and space that allows you to see what you want or desire and discover what has held you back from having what you want. It is a space to challenge your thinking and to see if you are benefiting from your beliefs.

Coaching is future oriented. That means you will be exploring new ways of doing, seeing, having things in the future. It might get challenging and action-oriented, but if you REALLY want to change your life, coaching is a great place to start.

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