Is your thinking positive?

I’m sure you have heard so many people talking about positive thinking and by now you should already know and agree with the fact that positive thinking has a massive impact on your life.

The purpose of this article is not to talk about positive thinking but to encourages you to practice positive thinking.

From own experience, I can say that, it took me a lot of time to become aware of my thinking and how it was influencing my life.

To agree to the affirmation that positive thinking has a great impact on my life it took me, at least, the awareness of two things:

  • admit that: I can observe my thinking and what I’m telling myself
  • and the second one was to admit that:  I have negative self-talk.

To create the awareness of your thinking and your negative self-talk, today, I invite you to consider two easy but great exercises.

I challenge you to start with an exercise that requires 30 minutes of your conscious attention.

The only thing you need to do is to observe your thinking whenever you have 30 minutes for yourself (I suggest you give yourself 30 minutes for yourself because we normally don’t do that).


Give yourself half an hour and start listening to what you are telling to yourself. When you’ve finished, make a list of what you’ve discovered. What did you observe? What did you focus on? What was important to you? What emotions did you experience? Did you take any decisions? Have you ever changed your mind during the last half an hour? Why did that happen?

I’d be curious to see what you’ve observed and what your reaction is to all that. (Feel free to leave me a comment with your list, I’d love to see it)

You can observe your thinking- you are not your thoughts but your thoughts influence your reality

If you think you are a very self-aware person, you don’t need to do this exercise, but what I guarantee is that even a very self-aware person can be amazed at what’s going on in their heads, for just as little as half an hour. So, do this exercise anyway 😊.

If you agree with both of my statements:

  • You have an inner voice (you tell stuff to yourself)
  • You tell negative stuff to yourself

 then we can talk about positive thinking.

Wikipedia defines positive thinking as optimism, a mental attitude or worldview that interprets situations and events as being best.

In my eyes, positive thinking is a “weapon” against all our problems. I call positive thinking a form of self-empowerment and I believe, positive thinking is a cure for all humanities challenges. Many people might say I’m wrong or exaggerating, but I’ll stay positive 😊

I realized that, when people are asked what benefits they think they would get from thinking more positively, there is a long list that can be created. Generally, people say things like: be happier, more thoughtful, more grateful, able to deal differently with situations that normally could create anxiety for them, they would feel more at peace, communicate better, would be more authentic, true to themselves, be more confident, have greater relationships, fear less, achieve more and the list never stops.

With my clients, I’ve realized that only talking about starting to think more positively, seems to make them happier and more energetic, they change their body posture, they smile more often and tend to laugh; the energy level shifts just in front of my eyes.

So, now that you agree on the impact on your thinking, I challenge you to try to practice positive thinking.

To do this, you can try a simple thing, such as:


Next time when you see your friend for a chat, frame your questions in a positive manner. Ask things like:  What would you like to do about that? What are the benefits of doing that? How is that going to make a difference?

Observe their body language. You will be amazed.

Your focus creates your reality – focusing on the positives will get the best out of yourself and other people.

But while talking about positive thinking seems easy, when it takes to practicing being more positive, things are very different. As they say: “easy saying than doing.”

That’s why for the next time I have in mind a new article about how to act and stay positive.

I’d be curious to know if you tried my exercises and if you found them useful?

Have a lovely day and stay positive 😊!

” Very little is needed to make a happy life; it’s all within yourself, in your way of thinking. ” Marcus Aurelius

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