Life Coaching

"Why are you knocking at every other door? Go knock at the door of the heart."

Life coaching is for you if you are looking and willing for change.

People normally look for a coach when they feel they are ready to get out of the ordinary life they are experiencing.

There might be various reasons why you would like to work with a coach:

  • maybe you are dealing with a difficult moment in your life and you can’t see any way forward;
  • maybe you became aware of a repetitive pattern in your life and you want to stop feeling disappointed and frustrated of your results in life;
  • maybe you are ready to make a big change in your life but don’t really know where to start;
  • maybe you feel there is more in life for you but you don’t know which path to follow;
  • and much more.

By working with a coach you will be able to experience a new level of awareness.  You will be able to explore new possibilities and new ways of living, doing, having more in your life. It will empower you to see the level of control that you have, in your own life.

I work with people who are willing to change their lives. I am happy to coach people on various aspects of their lives: it might be getting a more fulfilling job, becoming a better parent, finding their true purpose in life and place in the world, regaining confidence and self-esteem, having more successful relationships and any other aspects that lead people to live a more empowered life.

My purpose is to help people discover their true desires and then transform these desires in reality.

Rumi was saying:

"Why are you knocking at every other door? Go knock at the door of the heart."

I believe that the key to our happiness is fulfilling the most burning desires that we have. The desires we keep closest to our hearts are the desires that are ready to make our lives blossom.

Go… Knock at the door of your heart and see what is there for you!

My wish is to help you achieve the journey to your heart!

If you are ready to stop the struggle and embrace a life of fulfilment, I am here to give you a hand. You can take the first step now: contact me and the journey towards your heart can begin!

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