Are you a positive thinker?

I’m sure you have heard so many people talking about positive thinking and by now you should already know and agree with the fact that positive thinking has a massive impact on your life. The purpose of this article is not to talk about positive thinking but to encourages you to practice positive thinking. From […]

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How to set goals worthy of your soul?

Setting goals has become the most cliché thing, especially this time of the year when everyone is talking about setting goals and thinking of setting goals. But do you think it is all about setting goals? Yes, it is extremely important to set goals, but how many of the goals we set at the beginning […]

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Life Coaching
"Why are you knocking at every other door? Go knock at the door of the heart."

Life coaching is for you if you are looking and willing for change. People normally look for a coach when they feel they are ready to get out of the ordinary life they are experiencing. There might be various reasons why you would like to work with a coach: maybe you are dealing with a […]

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True Desire Coaching -The Story

Hi everyone, I am glad to see you here! My name is Viviana and True Desire Coaching was created from the desire to share with you some of my vision and my ideas. I’ve always been passionate about psychology, personal development, and the way our human mind works. Everything I studied in terms of mind […]

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