My story

I’m just a simple human being, learning something new about life every day.

Early on, I realized that people could find in me the confidence and strength to overcome difficult moments.
After graduating high school, I decided I wanted to know, understand and get closer to people’s needs. Therefore, I embarked on a journey of study in psychology.

After 3 years of study, I got my Bachelors in Psychology. I continued my studies with a Masters in Human Resources Management, wanting to get closer to a career that fulfilled the criteria of a prosperous professional way.

Unprepared to discover my mission, after graduation, I began to focus my attention on ways to support myself financially without taking into account anything that I had studied. I wanted to be independent and support myself financially, so I chose to say yes to the first job appeared on the horizon. It followed a dull period for me. I let the waves of life take control and I chose to work just to earn money.

It was a difficult time for me. Any job I accepted soon led to unhappiness and sadness. I could not find my place and I could not identify with anything. In less than 3 years after graduation, I started to think that nothing was right for me and nothing that I was doing was good enough. As months and years went by, I started to feel that I was losing my identity. I was living an internal struggle that can hardly be expressed.

But all the while, there was the desire for knowledge and love for people. The desire to do something meaningful for people and the world around us.

I choose to self-educate and always look for a better way. The process of self-education took me towards new books, new courses that brought a plus in my personal development.

Later on, I came to discover a course that shattered my reality. After a few months,(during which I went to a series of workshops) I got to know a different ME. I got to know my identity. I discovered the beliefs that created the roots of my unhappiness in my career and beyond that.
I learned about energy and about how connected we are one to each other. I learned about the creative power that each of us holds and I discovered that our weaknesses are actually the most powerful “gifts” we can have.  It was the moment I realized how disconnected I become of my own heart, for so many years.

Therefore, I decided it was time for a new beginning.
Every day came with more clarity and meaning for me. More searches and courses followed, that led to discovering my passion, and that is coaching. Coaching is the technique I use to help people in the process of rediscovering themselves.

The next step for me was to get trained as a life coach. I studied coaching in London with Animas school for coaching. Here I met wonderful people and highly prepared trainers, to whom I am deeply grateful for the wonderful experience.

My vision

My vision is built on love for people and passion for what is possible. 

When I discovered coaching, I could understand the life-changing power of this technique. This method allows me to make a difference in the world, to bring value and guide people towards a life of accomplishments.
In my work, I apply knowledge from various fields to help people identify their limiting beliefs and to discover what’s keeping them stuck and unfulfilled. I help people identify personal goals and desires and together we explore new ways of thinking and new actions to be taken so they can embrace a life of fulfillment. Together, we redefine reality and create the necessary space to explore unimagined possibilities.

My mission is to help and support people in living a more conscious life. I am dedicated and passionate about helping people gain clarity and focus, so they can find direction and meaning in life. Today, more than ever, I am committed to being an unstoppable force of good that supports people in rediscovering their huge potential and genius.

If you are ready to change your life, I am looking forward to hearing from you!